“The Spiritual Journey of Initiation & Ascension” (Puberty, Parenthood, Menopause/Andropause). Dr Jo on Jan Wood’s TV show Coffee Break- airs on Sun, Mon & Thurs

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Coffee Break TVSHTBYH Book Cover

Don’t miss my talk from the @festivalofdreams on Coffee Break! It airs: Sun 27th Sept at 8pm (AEST) & again Mon 28th at 1pm & Thurs 1st Oct at 2pm on TVS (Sydney) 

OR You can watch it on from the TVS website at these program times: http://www.tvs.org.au 

DON’T: Expect a normal talk about estrogen dominance/adrenal exhaustion etc (You can read my book How to Balance Your Hormones to get that)
DO: Expect a talk on:

  • The spiritual journey of initiation & ascension (puberty, parenthood, menopause/andropause)
  • Why you are/feel the way you are/feel (whatever your age)
  • What to do about it

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Author: Dr Joanne "Jo" Messenger

Dr Jo is the renowned author of Be In One Peace and How to Balance Your Hormones. She also has over 33 years experience as a chiropractor, energy healer and international course facilitator. Her professional persona and desire for results led her to develop the ground-breaking methods and courses which have helped thousands. Dr Messenger has the rare ability to present very detailed information with an easy-to-follow and practical format. Her qualifications are impressive: Bachelor Degree in Applied Science; Diploma— National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (USA): Excellence Award in Radiology; Diploma— Sacro-Occipital Technique; Certified Yoga Teacher; NLP; Aromatherapy; Flower Essences; Pranic Healing; practitioner, teacher and past principal of Chiron Healing; founder and teacher of Blueprint Healing.

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