DrJo Invited to take Be in One Peace to International Book Fair

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Guadalajara international book fair_imageBIOP Book Cover

It’s confirmed!

I’ve been invited to showcase my first book Be in One Peace at the 2nd largest book fair in the world (behind Frankfurt) in Nov 26-Dec 4, 2016. It came on their radar as a reader’s popular choice.

Apparently readers have “an affinity with my easy conversational style and professional persona” and “I have the ability to present information in an easy to follow & practical format”. Hence, they want me & my words! So excited!

Guadalajara International Book Fair (Mexico)

The Guadalajara International Book Fair, better known as the FIL (from its Spanish name: Feria Internacional del Libro de Guadalajara) is the most important annual event of its kind in the Spanish-speaking world, and the second largest book fair in the world after Frankfurt‘s. The purpose of the FIL is to provide an optimal business environment for the book-industry professionals and exhibitors who attend the fair, and for the reading public eager to meet authors and pick up the latest entries in the market.

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Author: Dr Joanne "Jo" Messenger

Dr Jo is the renowned author of Be In One Peace and How to Balance Your Hormones. She also has over 33 years experience as a chiropractor, energy healer and international course facilitator. Her professional persona and desire for results led her to develop the ground-breaking methods and courses which have helped thousands. Dr Messenger has the rare ability to present very detailed information with an easy-to-follow and practical format. Her qualifications are impressive: Bachelor Degree in Applied Science; Diploma— National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (USA): Excellence Award in Radiology; Diploma— Sacro-Occipital Technique; Certified Yoga Teacher; NLP; Aromatherapy; Flower Essences; Pranic Healing; practitioner, teacher and past principal of Chiron Healing; founder and teacher of Blueprint Healing.

One thought on “DrJo Invited to take Be in One Peace to International Book Fair

  1. Congratulations Jo. Great to see another leader in our profession standing strong and tall, and doubt sharing the Chiropractic philosophy..


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