Males Can See New Potential with Equanimity in Relationships with Females.

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NewMales are learning to understand the role of appreciating the essence of the female (appreciating the essence of love, of the sensitivity and feeling nature of the female as being a divine balance to the strength and the mind of the male).

Females are the divine counterpart, balance and equilibrium for males. Without this part the male becomes colder, more isolated, more detached, unable to connect to the heart, to his sentient nature. There’s value in union of complimentary aspects. This expands and supports the essence of the male to develop his gifts in a fuller way, and with higher potential, to support the dynamic that will lead to greater fulfilment, a deeper heart joy, and a deeper contentment within.

Letting go of the old way, the old paradigm,brings new potential in being able to approach relationships with females with equanimity and greater potential of expression. Releasing old emotions and paradigms of behaviour, allows hearts to open to new possibilities.

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Author: Dr Joanne "Jo" Messenger

Dr Jo is the renowned author of Be In One Peace and How to Balance Your Hormones. She also has over 33 years experience as a chiropractor, energy healer and international course facilitator. Her professional persona and desire for results led her to develop the ground-breaking methods and courses which have helped thousands. Dr Messenger has the rare ability to present very detailed information with an easy-to-follow and practical format. Her qualifications are impressive: Bachelor Degree in Applied Science; Diploma— National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (USA): Excellence Award in Radiology; Diploma— Sacro-Occipital Technique; Certified Yoga Teacher; NLP; Aromatherapy; Flower Essences; Pranic Healing; practitioner, teacher and past principal of Chiron Healing; founder and teacher of Blueprint Healing.

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