Do you have a high maintenance life?

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Do you have a high maintenance life? Does your life require a great deal of emotional investment to maintain?

It may be a sign you make relationships (customer/client/patient/personal) about meeting your needs rather than theirs. If you assume a parental role you impose your will on others. Even if you justify your caring is in their best interests, ‘mother henning’ is unsustainable.

They become the problem. You take their choices personally. Their rejection produces doubt, anger, fatigue and eventually burnout. When you live through others you’re unable to be the anchor people secretly crave, impeding the important component of hope.

By mother henning about what you have little or no control over (their choices, pace of personal growth and healing, desire to follow through, the priority they place on health, etc.) your impact is blunted and your capacity reduced.

Be in control without being controlling. Focus on your own goals and be a role model for others. Live the life of your dreams.

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Author: Dr Joanne "Jo" Messenger

Dr Jo is the renowned author of Be In One Peace and How to Balance Your Hormones. She also has over 33 years experience as a chiropractor, energy healer and international course facilitator. Her professional persona and desire for results led her to develop the ground-breaking methods and courses which have helped thousands. Dr Messenger has the rare ability to present very detailed information with an easy-to-follow and practical format. Her qualifications are impressive: Bachelor Degree in Applied Science; Diploma— National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (USA): Excellence Award in Radiology; Diploma— Sacro-Occipital Technique; Certified Yoga Teacher; NLP; Aromatherapy; Flower Essences; Pranic Healing; practitioner, teacher and past principal of Chiron Healing; founder and teacher of Blueprint Healing.

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