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Bombing Countries is Like Taking Antibiotics

Bomb Residue

Antibiotics wipe out “bad” bacteria & “good” bacteria. They do nothing to raise health or immune system function & the recipient is left to deal with the original problem (why is the infection there in the first place?) as well as the side effects of the medication.

Bombing is much the same. It wipes out “bad” people (according to the perspective of the bomber, or is boss, or his govt) & good people & their homes, infrastructure & livelihood. It does nothing to promote health, education, community, peace, respect or sustainability. The recipients are left to deal with the loss of loved ones, homes, food sources, body parts, & it shifts an exponential burden to other countries to send aid (which has a time lag… plants take time to grow), or take refugees (with concomitant culture, language & self esteem issues).

How about we bomb the less fortunate with love, education, sustainable food & energy sources, clothes, bedding…?

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When we see a wilted plant we think “it needs water”

Wilted Plant

When we see a wilted plant or animal we immediately think it needs water. So why when we see a wilted person do people think antibiotics, prozac, neurofen etc?

Start with water…

For more info on Dr Jo’s books, courses, and one to one sessions go to: http://www.drjoannemessenger.com